2021 Official Rules of the Handitec Competition ENGLISH and INSCRIPTION


PROJECTS   - One or two models for the architects and one or two pre-prototypes or models for the designers. They should fit on an 80/50 cm stand (maximum), no other dimensions will be accepted.  

  • One or two rigid panels (70 x 70 cm maximum) to present explicitly and aesthetically the project.   The name of the candidates should be mentioned on the rear side of the projects numbered according to the selection sequence to be presented anonymously to the HANDITEC jury.   The candidates' name and address can be specified on a removable card.  
  • An explanatory file of the projects on 10   original samples including 5 or 6 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm with colour or black and white photographs for publications, advertising, promotion and presentation to public and industrial authorities.   These files must be sent to Coubert before the 1th mai  2020  03 March 2021 so that the projects can be presented to the  preselecting  Jury in the week of Mai 4 2020 08 March 2021.