2021 Official Rules of the Handitec Competition ENGLISH and INSCRIPTION


A THEME: "The kitchen in all these states:"

The accessibility of the kitchen in terms of ergonomics, design, communication applications, layout and architecture

  • Design of the kitchen surface, layout to facilitate mobility and circulation
  • Repair the use of utensils used in a kitchen (saucepan, oven, fridge freezer, food processor ...)
  • Application or software projects to facilitate not only the mobility, the accessibility of the kitchen but also any product facilitating its use.
  • Equipment and accessories OBJECTIVES
  1.  To induce creators to work towards the improvement of comfort and accessibility for all, and in particular for the handicapped, the elderly and the sensory or mental disabled.
  2. To study and promote products and ranges of products for BETTER LIVING, and adapt the kitchen of people with disabilities or in the making.